Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Scare-Free Zone?

The Scare-Free Zone is a safe, inside environment with a concession area, tables, chairs and restrooms where we’ll have movies and music for the faint-of-heart or those just needing to slow their heart rates! No monsters, zombies, creepers allowed.

Can I smoke and use lighters?

No, we only want to pretend to kill you. If you use a lighter or open flame in our attractions you may be the next prop in the back of the Cadillac hearse.

Can I bring my dog/cat/ferret/snake?

Pets are not allowed at the attraction. This is to safeguard your animals, other attendees, and our actors.

Will the monsters touch me?

We have a basic rule of thumb in the haunt business. “Touch nothing, and nothing will touch you.”

Are there refreshments available?

There will be hot and cold drinks, as well as light snacks for sale outside the attraction.

Is the haunt open if it RAINS?

Heavy rains can close the haunt, BUT “other” rains add to the atmosphere! Watch your local weatherman and dress appropriately. Attractions are both in and outdoors.

Can I take pictures or video?

We don’t allow videotaping or photography inside the haunt. Flash photography poses a safety risk for the actors, and you wouldn’t be able to see where you’re going if you’re busy filming.

Does Haunted Montrose have a Security Team?

Yes, the haunt is patrolled by uniformed Sheriff Officers. We have a Zero Tolerance rate for trouble makers. Trouble Makers will be ejected from the haunt without refund. We want everyone to have a safe and fun time!

Will it be too scary for my child?

This event is designed to be very intense and frightening. Some children can handle it with no problem, many can not. Parents know their kids best and should use common sense when deciding whether or not to bring them. It can be a very traumatic experience for youngsters.

When was The Old Slaughter House Built?

Who knows, but Granny Slaughter said it was a long time ago.

Do you serve or allow ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES?

NO! There are No Alcoholic Beverages Allowed nor do we serve any! Monsters jumping out to scare you and alcohol do not mix. Anyone drinking will be ejected from the haunt.